Paint Damage repair

We know our paints.

Our paint process starts with highly trained paint technicians who understand state-of-the-art paint processes. Once your vehicle has been transferred from metal repair to the paint shop, our specialists utilize special blending techniques to match your car’s current paint color. Most vehicles are then clear-coated to protect the finish.

Waterborne systems are superior to solvent systems in many ways.

View the advantages below.

At Crowley Auto Body, we use PPG’s Waterborne Technology environmentally-friendly water-based paints to protect our environment. PPG Waterborne Technology systems also provide a most accurate color match, better metallic control, and easier blending.

Smaller Pigments for Higher Opacity

PPG waterborne pigments are half the thickness of solvent-based pigments. This characteristic results in greater opacity and enables hiding with thinner films. The result is less color shift and fewer coats required.

Less Product Needed

With the PPG waterborne system, customers will use approximately 25 percent less sprayable base and 70-90 percent less reducer. The potential material savings is 25-30 percent!

Less Hazardous Waste

Reports from the field indicate that PPG waterborne generates up to 75 percent less hazardous waste than what is typical for solvent basecoat. Plus, when used in conjunction with DURAPREP®-type strippers, collision shops that use a PPG waterborne system can apply for an exemption from Subpart 666666 (H) of the National Area Source Rule.

Environmentally Preferred
Without Sacrificing Performance

Less odor in the work environment and improved air quality are a few of the environmentally progressive advantages PPG waterborne holds over conventional solvent-based systems. Yet it does so without sacrificing color-matching capability and performance. 

More Accurate Mixing

Mechanical mixing, required with solvent-based systems, is time-consuming, and if not done properly, can lead to poor color matches, lost productivity, and wasted product. With PPG waterborne toners, there’s no need for a mechanical mixing system—just shake and pour. No over-stirring. No grinding down of metallics. Toners pour easily, even in small amounts, for consistently accurate matches. Shops also save space, minimize energy consumption, and have reduced noise levels when using these state-of-the-art toners.

Better Metallic Control
and Easier Blending

With PPG waterborne, the uniform evaporation rate works in conjunction with the unique latex fingers to orient the metallic flakes in just the right position to provide the appropriate color travel from face to flop. When blending with solvent, choosing the wrong reducer can increase color variability, and incorrect gun distance can cause poor metallic orientation and die-back.